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obama should do his part by urging his fellow democrats to work with us. will not let up until they agree to do the right thing. thank you for listening. god bless america. next washington for househe alliance reform talks about the obama administration's announcement that the mandate for large employers to provide insurance coverage has been delayed from 2014 until 2015. a new york times correspondent talks about a recent report showed america has the highest childbirth cost and the world. the washing institute has the latest in egypt. live on c- journal " span. newsmakers, i heard guest -- our guest is dr. ardis hoven. we asked her about expanding health care coverage. classified as a disease -- obesity was classified as a disease. doesn't make it more more open to be covered? >> i would look so. clearly, going forward when the ama said this is something we want to deal with, we want to escalate conversation to a significant level. we are going to look at the roots we must change to make things better around obesity. around hypertension what ever we choose to steady. believe
're talking about germany, basically being all right with this. >> nope. >> caller: i'm a obama supporter. i think that he hasn't done everything right but i think that he is really trying. if the republicans would meet him halfway, we would probably have a lot of progress in this country. the bottom line is though, there are a lot of people in germany the skinheads and things, neo-nazi movements i'm sure that the kind of tapping he's doing there they're probably asking him to use his network to do it. and i think there's other countries probably even putin in russia who want to stick his chest out there and act like he's so anti-american but there's more cooperation going on there. >> stephanie: okay. i think i'm still drunk from the weekend. i don't think i understood one caller's point this hour. jacki's healthcare corner next on "the stephanie miller show." >> stephanie: hour number two. jacki schechner you will not believe who we have booked this hour. >> who? >> stephanie: you! >> me? did you call my people? did your people call my people? >> stephanie: i did. i did. they ok'd it. >> o
, in describing president obama. do you think that she is right in that? >> oh, absolutely. president obama is the commander in chief. it's the executive branch that's made a decision to resort to force feeding of detainees at guantanamo, and if president obama is extremely unhappy at that state of affairs, he can certainly change it. >> in terms of the controversy surrounding this issue, obviously the judge is moved by the prisoners' pleas that this is something that is both demeaning and cruel. is there legal clarity on the issue of whether or not this is the appropriate policy, whether or not this is something doctors legally can do and this is something prisons ought to do? >> no, there isn't. there's a substantial difference of opinion, and i'm not entirely unsympathetic to the physicians at guantanamo bay who i think are in a difficult situation. i mean, i think one perspective is, look, we have an ethical duty to prevent these detainees from harming themselves. that they may be detained for a long time, maybe indefinitely, maybe not. we'll see in the future. but death is irreversible
in obama-care? >> exactly right. this hearing lays the foundation for that. if you are a local business and you are dealing with this. but if you are a family and you have a child that's ill and parent that's ill. if obama-care isn't ready for business, isn't ready for my family and the answer is no, what we know now, this is a major embarrassing failure to have another ke key components f obama-care put in place. but it's an indictment on the complexity of this government takeover. gregg: the "wall street journal" is reporting the president delayed the businessman date for the following two roarns. the federal government had not written key rules guiding employers and computer systems that were supposed to run the program were not operational. they had three years to do it. in your judgment is this an administration at least in terms of this healthcare law that is incompetent? >>it is incompetent. and that whole message says that. we are too incompetent to put this massive takeover in place. we are delaying key provisions of it and oh, by the way, everything is fine, it's going to be r
way. and in this case they do have it right for one reason. they just want to keep the plans they have, however ludicrous and idiotic and gold-plated they are. that's their choice. but with obama care you can't do that. you don't have a choice. he clearly said you'll be able to keep your health plans. the unions say, wait a second, he can't keep our health plans. in this case, they have it right. >> jonas, do you think so,. >> trying to pay these health care bills, why companies are being run into a lot of trouble because -- so these plans are cadillac plans. they had to get caught. i was looking at the white paper by the union about what their griefs are, and they don't like that lower employees are going to have to basically go into crumbier health care. we need a race to the bottom from the high end of health care. this is one of the good effects. i'm ooanti-union and pro-obama. >> unions used to support obama care. now many of them don't, steve. what does that tell you about the health care law? >> it doesn't tell me anything about the health care law because there's one good thing
certain players we should be supporting. right now i think the obama administration needs to walk carefully but speak very clearly about the ultimate goals. our u.s. ambassador to eept anne patterson has a very difficult job. she just came out of pakistan a couple years ago now he is in the middle of egypt. she knows what difficult situation are ahead. again, i think we have to speak about the ultimate goals and support those that support more freedom and economic development. we can't sit on the sidelines. >> heather: speak with words or money? what about the military aide, $1.3 billion since 1979? >> right now the money is very important. we should keep the money going forward. when morsi was in power and the islamists were in control. that would have been the time to put strings on our money so we say, look, if you want to lead this country, you need to be putting forward goals that we agree with in order to get our money. now, that the military has stepped in, i think it's very important to continue that money going forward. they are the protector of making sure that we don't
yes, from president obama all the way down to our communities. we want to do it the right way, so i am here to say thank you to everybody, we look forward to this good work and we look forward to working with our labor teams and making sure that we train more people to get these jobs and include even more local participation as we enter this newest contract to do the newest stations in the work and our board and my office wants to continue promoting the local participation as much as they can. they deserve it because our city has worked so hard to get to this place. and we want everybody to share in this success, thank you very much. >> [ applause ] thank you, mr. mayor, ed lee, and one of the main leaders and in washington, d.c. and nancy pelosi and there is no question that without her persist ans and her ten tenacity, and so we are pleased to be joined by her newly anointed staff someone who has been working close to this project for many years, please welcome robert edmonson. >> good morning and it is stufp a pleasure to be here today and the leader looked so disappointed and she i
the lack of outrage from the right over obama's policies and the liberal war on coal. tony mentioned julie roginski telling coal was horse and buggy stuff and limbaugh asked who she was. tony said she's a democrat obama alinskite at which point limbaugh cut him off. we don't cut people off. i said oh, tony. when mentioning cavuto as though he's watching fox. since its payne it's got to be fox business channel. maybe sometimes he guests on cavuto i said tony stop watching these people because they're intended to make you question your sanity. you need to stop watching these people because they're in the going to change. that has become limbaugh told listeners to stop watching fox. i did not tell anyone to stop watching fox. i said stop listening to these people that make you so mad what. else am i going to say? i don't watch people that make me mad anymore. i gave that up years ago. what is the point? i told tony they're not going to change. they're there to tick you off. don't let it get to you. just so you know this whole drummed up thing with fox and me is all media reporting on it i'm e
. >> the opposite of the utopia. >> is obama facing a revolt from the left right now? you follow me? >> i don't think so. >> very minor. >> a lot of people had faith and confidence and belief. the idealistic obamaites a losing their idealism. >> not on this issue. a lot of young people think, what's the big deal? all of this stuff should be out. >> i disagree. people talking about this and pretty much making a laughing stock of the president. >> a big deal for young people. i mean, this privacy stuff with libertarians. >> he, dis appointed for what he was on. >> current issue of the london review of books. >> right. >> it is marvelous writing and he takes the view that what is happening is very dangerous. issue three. u.s., china trade talks. >> high level meetings between the u.s. and chinese. the u.s., china strategic conference with secretary of state, john kerry, and jack speaking for the u.s. the hot button talk of china's currency. which is why they consider it to be under valued was front and center of the discussion. also, vice president joe biden participated. >> the next st
use the option of defunding obama care, because that is in your authority? >> right, and we have continued, when we -- to do just that, we've continued to say under the sequester that we're operating under, the president said he wants to do something about it, but never has come forward with any kind of other suggested reforms in the entitlement areas. but when they ask for more money for obama care's implementation, we said no. we said no, we don't feel that this law is the right direction to go in. nor do we feel this administration should have the ability to take taxpayer dollars to go and sell and market this bill. i think one of the options going-forward, sean is to take a look at what this white house has done. you know what, if it's fair for big business to be exempted from this mandate, we ought to say the same for individuals. we ought to go ahead and delay the individual mandate and as you know, that individual mandate is the crux of obama care, without the individual mandate, the whole law collapses. and again, i believe that the decision that was made by this administ
they want to know about you. right now, grade president obama going into obama, going into the campaign? >> i can't -- i don't do that. i don't know. >> the jon stewart scale. you voted for him. lived up to your expectations? >> no. >> yes. >> but i don't know if my expectations were fair to the individual. i believed we were at a more transformative time, and so -- but i've come to respect a certain steadiness of his craft that i don't necessarily agree with. i think he had an opportunity more in the reagan mold to be a bully pulpit president than what he appears to be, which is more of a tip o'neill president. like a legislative worker. more of someone who understands a bureaucratic method as opposed to something that is more, you know, teddy roosevelt, ronald reagan type. >> appreciate you coming in. >> i'm really nice guy. >> are you a standup guy. >> i will always defend my positions. i don't put this out there lightly. >> no. the thing i like about you, you do take cheap shots all the time, but you defend the cheap shots and do so very well. >> that's not the only thing you like a
standards have improved. >> julie, what do you think? >> i think he's right. you guys are complaining that obama wants to raise fuel standards is, but that's pretty good news for gas standards. it will make that tank of gas go a lot longer and i think that's pretty good. i'm not oppose to the keystone pipeline. but we do know that it's not really -- i mean, from fact checkers and others who have looked at it, it's not really going to affect the price of gas. we can sit here and pretend it's going to be a massive panacea. it might marginally effect it a couple of cents. >> here is the issue. as much as going after coal -- as much as raising our utility bills is the issue, that part of the energy issue -- >> what part of the energy issue? >> going after coal, going after -- not driving those standards and grandfathering it in for power plants and the like, that all of a sudden are looking at having to make these expensive adjustments right now. i find it odd that these plants that really depend on coal, jul julie, are the ones that are going to get socked in the seats and these are the
be doing right now is urging calmness, urging the military to move through this civilian process as quickly as possible. >> reporter: president obama's critics say by not condemning the egyptian military, he's making the same mistake me in not criticizing morsi in a timely manner which alienated some egyptians. it's the same so-called mistake critics say the administration made when vice president biden defended mubarak days before he was deposed. >> would ymubarak has been an a ours in a number of things. >> reporter: then and now, the issue with divisive. the white house shrugs off the idea as once again behind the curve. >> the curve we're interested in is the curve that leads towards a stable democratic egypt where the rights of all egyptians are respected and upheld. >> officials here won't say how longful take them to review the rules on aid to egypt, but they suggest the longer the egyptian military can be seen as acting with restraint while still keeping the fight between morsi critics and supporters from getting out of control, the more time that goes by to them. >> wendell, thank
to sign a petition to repeal the bill of rights. watch this. >> obama wants to repeal the bill of rights so we want to just show support for that and replace it with new ndaa type patriot act legislation. bill of rights, just repeal the bill of rights. thank you so much. we're helping obama repeal the bill of rights, all of them. really the only one that's left is really the third amendment, but that's not really applicable unless we're in a time of war. so a signature to support repealing the bill of rights. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: it's so sad. >> brian: does that make you sad? >> it's reassuring. [ laughter ] first of all, in fairness, you ask people, on a california beach anything that's bravo related, you're going to have trouble. california beach, it's the epitome of our air headed country. >> gretchen: it doesn't make you sad, to know that people would give up their rights? >> it is kind of a trick -- i mean, the way he asked. it's funny, of course. it's not like -- kind of disturbing. >> brian: this is going to get you angry. people actually learn stuff while laughing at your sh
don't smoke. i don't smoke. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >>> president obama is going to talk with russian president c d putin. the united states considers edward snowden a spy. he made his first public statement since he arrived in moscow last month. the audio quality not that great but we wanted to hear what he had to say. >> a little over one month ago i had a family, a home in paradise and i lived in great comfort. i also had the capability without any warrant to search for, seize and read your communications. anyone's communication at any time. >> snowden said today he wants temporary asylum in russia and asked some human rights lobbyists to lobby on his behalf. >>> the deliberations will begin moments away. they will be give p their instructions by the judge and determine the fate of george zimmerman in the second-degree murder trial. up next. f peach country. it's a fresh-over. we want you to eat some peaches and tell us what you think. they're really juicy. it must have just come from the farm. this right here is ideal for
to stand for that. in fact, if you look at this obama care debacle that they have right now, this administration is actually deciding when and where to actually enforce the law. and that's what some of us in the house are concerned about. if you give to this administration the authority to decide when they're going to enforce the law, how they're going to enforce the law, and you tell them that it's okay if they decide if there's going to be 20,000 troops or if there's -- i mean 20,000 border patrol agents or they get to determine when the border is secure, i can tell you that janet napolitano has already said that the border is secure. so what's going to happen is we're going to give legalization to 11 million and janet napolitano will come to congress and tell us that the border is already secure and nothing else needs to happen. >> eugene robinson, take this on. you've got john mccain, who just a few years ago is doing campaign ads saying secure this darn border first, who's saying that congressman labrador and anyone who cites insufficient security at the boarder is look
. america is blamed enough as it is. there is no need to add another grievance to the list. the obama administration would be wise to distance itself from the army's actions and use its leverage particularly to promise financial assistance and respect the rights of islamists. how important is it to keep the muslim brotherhood in the fold here unless they separate and even take up arms struggle? >> it would be much preferable had president morsi called early elections and subjected himself to elections and shown whether he had the support of the nation. that didn't happen. of course an egypt for all includes in my mind participation from the muslim brotherhood. but, you know, president morsi himself acted rather dictatorially back in november when he said these decrees were not subject to judicial review, when he said the constitutional assembly was not subject to judicial review. so at the end of the day, while i would have liked to have seen early elections and then see him test his support among the people and the people would have had a choice and therefore less likely to have them
if they are drinking. >> of course they are. >> brilliant idea. >> all right. obama care, famously pass ad couple of years ago but still not been fully implemented and now there are real concerns among people who supported at any time first time namely among union bosses about whether or not obama care in the end will be a very bad thing for their members. >> this is a fascinating story because three major u.s. unions including the teamsters all previously support the affordable care act known as obama care. they went out and they rallied their members and talked about why it would be such a great thing for them and today or yesterday they released a letter about how they are having major seconding thoughts. here it is. >> here is the open letter. it reads one less you and the obama administration enact an equitable fix, the aca will shatter not only our hard-earned health benefits but destroy the foundation of the 40 hour work week that is the back bone of the american middle class. on behalf of the millions of working men and women we represent and the families they support we can no longer sta
thank you. >> a lot of uncertainty, lou. >> that's what makes markets, that's why we love them, right? >> scott, thanks for being with us. >> have a good evening. >> you too. >>> up next, t brand new book, collusion illustrates how team obama used the liberal mainstream media to steal the 2012 election and how to avoid a repeat in 2016. britt bow zel is next. before copd... i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing betr. and that on! symbicort is for copd including chronic bronchiti and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. tell your doctor you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. with copd, i thought i'd miss
have one on, an open letter to president-elect obama that i sent him right after he was elected. that was january 9, 2009, and the last paragraph read this way: the bush lawlessness and state terrorism are like a contagious disease. if you do not remove their sprawling incidents, you will become their carrier. this means you must move fast to eject the mantle of war criminality and repeated unconstitutional outrages committed in the name of the american people. here and abroad. sincerely. you can see how that turned out. i have a column on rosa parks called "hail to thee." it's a wonderful story that can never be repeated too often. i have an article on harry kelber who just passed away at 98 years old, new york city. a one-man advocate for working people in this country and the -- [inaudible] of indolent labor unions who are run bureaucratly instead of with a sense of mission. and he had husband own web site -- his own web site, and he produced three articles a week at age 96, 97, 98. when i recommended to aarp that he be put on the cover, he's also wished in many -- distinguis
obama care may be dead on arrival. mr. hume will be here. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the era of bad feelings. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. all over the country, americans are attacking other americans over political issues. on sunday, june 30th in seattle, two christian activists showed up at a gay pride rally holding signs saying repent or else and jesus saves from sin. the two men were attacked. >> that's a big [bleep] if i were you i would [bleep] [shouting] >> [screaming] seattle police have arrested two men, the fat guy who was slugging him and i think that's the guy, well, i shouldn't say, this one of the men arrested has nine felonies, nine on his rap sheet. now, obviously this is very disturbing, yes, the christians were looking to be provocative, but, that's no excuse for violence. if gays really want to be proud, they will overlook criticism like that. on another political issue, tensions are also rising. immigration reform
that president obama's favorite food is broccoli? right? i mean hello. >> awfully quiet. >> bill: not many hands going up. look, we know this guy likes to eat. he likes a good burger. he likes ribs. what does he do when he goes out? you ever see him go to any of these restaurants -- he picks great places everywhere he goes. do you ever see him order broccoli? >> nope. >> bill: i don't hate broccoli. >> i like broccoli. i like it. it is not my favorite but i like it. >> bill: i tell you one thing i know, for a fact, i have never ordered broccoli in a restaurant. >> i have. not a plate of broccoli. >> bill: i look at something a fish or something and it has broccoli, i won't say i'm not going to eat that but i wouldn't say i'll have a side of broccoli. >> you could take -- >> bill: how many people order broccoli? mr. president, how many times have you ordered broccoli? i came in because i want broccoli? >> you could take my favorite vegetable, my favorite vegetable and it is still not my favorite food. i like broccoli. i pride myself of being able to cook broccoli and greens and other dishes a lot
. >> right. >> bill: ladies, thanks very much. next on the rundown, we will have the inside story on the immigration bill, will the house kill it? later, dennis miller on egypt and how the obama administration is dealing with it up ahead. >> bill: in the impact segment tonight two hot stories for you how secretary of state kerry handling the mess in egypt. the immigration house may kill it? >> the house does not intend to take up the senate bill. the house is going to do its own job on developing an immigration bill. >> bill: all right, joining us now from washington fox news ace correspondents james rosen and carl cameron. cammeron, i understand it was a secret meeting today. now how it can be secret if i know about it. >> called a closed door meeting. >> bill: speaker boehner is in there some of his guys and what's going on? >> it's firsty, conservatives are angry and upset and worried frankly that boehner might sacrifice conservative goals on immigration in order to pass a bill if he doesn't handle this well could lose speaker. digging in the heels and think what passed the sen
. also joined by allison barber. i was watching the sound bites. but right behind president obama in one of them, jon corzine. >> what irony. a little irony there. >> just halved to bring that -- just had to bring that up. jon corzine is the guy they were looking at for half a billion dollars. anyway, obama care. unraveling in. >> you know, if you have the unions who don't like this bill, and you know big business and small business doesn't like the bill, young people don't like it, senior citizens aren't too enamored by it. who is left that really is very supportive of the bill? the reason a lot of unions are taking a second look at this -- probably wouldn't have passed in the first mails if it hadn't been for union support. enough that alook under the covers and see what is really there, they're finding exactly the kind of complaints a lot of people have made, that promise that the president said if you like your coverage, you can keep it. like your doctor, you can keep it. it's not the case and union plans which are cadillac plans, most susceptible to being pear pared back, they're so
saying it requires matter rationale. let's listen. >> even democrats are saying implementing obama-care has the prospect of being a slow train wreck. this affects thousands of workers. not the millions of workers. so you couldn't even get this piece of it right after this 3-year rampup period to put in this tiny slice of obama-care? >> this is huge. employer mandate are by tar the toughest part of it. >> it's by no means the most complicated. heather: will fall care ever be fully implemented? the obama administration announced it's postponing the requirement that employers provide coverage or face fines. argument being made was you can't delay the employer mandate without also delaying the individual mandate. if workers are required to have the coverage but businesses aren't required to provide it you are shifting the cost from employers to workers. that's according to the cato institute, do you agree? >> it might help explain why the obama administration quietly announced it won't be trying to verify who qualify for subsidies for obama-care premiums. they are going to say if you q
republic and haiti, and it looks like the forecast track will go right through that favorable region. i'm david bernard, cbs news, miami. >>> president obama is reportedly considering a option in afghanistan. "the new york times" said mr. obama is frustrated with afghan president hamid karzai and may speed up withdrawal of forces of all troops after 2014. earlier i spoke to cbs only like mike lyons, and he said if the pull outhappens it will have negative consequences. >> nato troops there as well they'll likely pull out as well. there will be no infrastructure military there to support the afghan force or the afghan government. what they'll lose is intelligence collection that processing, anything over the horizon intelligence we've been giving them right now. what's changed on the ground, i don't know, if this is a reaction from individual leaders to change the strategy this is pretty significant to go from 7,000 troops to zero. >> "the new york times" also says no decision has been made on the withdrawal. >>> and egypt's interim government is calling for new parliament in the coup. c
you don't have your legs. call now for your free consultation. and right now, get this limited edition hoveround america travel mug free with your hoveround delivery. call or log onto right now! ♪ >>> at the top of the show we talked about how president obama considering moving up the timeline for withdrawal for the troops from afghanistan. if you want to sound smart you can tell them the united states is on track to spend a total of $664 billion on the war in afghanistan by september of 2013. that includes military and nonmilitary expenses. >>> let's hit "the cooler." good morning. >> good morning, brian. now, one of the most famous faces in the world may be back on the market. that's right, ladies. the rumor mill has george clooney and girlfriend, former model and former wwe pro wrestler stacy keibler calling it quits. "people" says keibler wants kids and clooney has made it clear he's not a family man. one of his exs made a video. >> this is a paid advertisement for george clooney dating university. >> ladies, welcome to george clooney dating university. by the time
in afghanistan. the idea of this zero option is getting more of a public airing right now because of the disagreements between president obama and hamid karzai that have to do with the break down in talks over the security negotiations. this seems to be the airing of this so-called zero option, leaving zero troops in afghanistan, may be one way to put pressure on karzai, push him back into line and see if he won't work with the taliban on some sort of peace discussions and also get back in line to object to continue the security discussions with the u.s., jake. >> last year when president obama went to afghanistan in may, i believe, and signed a document about the strategic partnership, he made it very clear that counterterrorism and equipping afghan security forces were going to continue to be important imperatives for the u.s., even after 2014. strategically does it make any sense if counterterrorism is a priority the way that the obama administration has been waging it with drones, with special forces, does it make any sense to pull out of afghanistan completely? >> reporter: w
. then get the cars ready. now add the dodge part. ♪ ♪ the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days on all dodge vehicles. . >>> george lucas was awarded the 2012 national medal of the arts today. >> president obama presented lucas and also praised him for his view of special effects in the star wars series. >> a palestinian teenager who lost part of his right leg during an attack in the middle east is now in the bay area for some much needed help. >> a 14-year-old boy lost his right leg when his home in gaza was shelled in 2007. >> he's here to get his 3rd prosthetic leg. >> oakland orthopedic is giving him a new one. the children's relief fun is paying for it. he's due on tuesday for a final fitting. >>> one day there may be a cure for high cholesterol. the drug mimics system ins with people having low ldl. >> researchers have also yet to put the drug to a large scale test. >>> thank you so much for making ktvu your station. we'll have more breaking news coming up later this evening. have a good night. at farmers we make y
is transpiring. obama is on the wrong side just as k.t. mcfarland said. and monica is right. the muslim brotherhood has been waiting for a long time. they will not go quietly into the night. it is a dangerous situation. nobel prize winner barack obama should be able to handle. lou: remember the top leaders walked to the white house meeting not with the president the lower ranking officials including battery tear it for at least two years. there is a cozy and tight relationship between obama and the muslim brotherhood. lou: tourney to edward snowden, this young man without very many distinguishable -- i have a lot of friends who are high-school dropouts. islanders stand. college dropouts i understand as well but a man who betrayed his his government, people, a country. the manning is a trader. so to get a hold of that story to make it larger. >> if you really wanted to move forward whistle-blowers' don't go to moscow or china or take the secrets with them. if you are whistleblower don't go to those countries to go to congress we would hail him as a hero but instead he goes to places not
. this illustrates a tension that is driving politics in a number of states right now. states that voted for obama twice. states that are blue when it comes to presidential elections. the states that swung hard to the gop in the 2010 midterms. republicans in 2010 won governorships in michigan, maine, pennsylvania, iowa, wisconsin, new mexico, florida and nevada. all of them states that president obama has now carried twice and some cases by lopsided margins. add in new jersey too where republican chris christie won the governorship in 2009 a year after obama carried the state by 18 points. what's important to remember the voters who put these republicans in charge in 2010 were different than the voters who made these states blue in 2008 and 2012. they were older. they were whiter. they were a lot more conservative. the electorate put john kasich in power in ohio probably sees the abortion restrictions he just signed a lot differently than the electorate that delivered the state to obama last fall. some republican governors have managed this tension better than others. christie seems to be the most
was wearing one at the time of his death, and martin's parents attended some of the rallies and civil rights leader called for the arrest and the case prompted a response from president obama. jonathan hunt is here. this was a hot-button issue from the get-go. >> the very feeling among many people that there was a racial element to this killing, plus the fact that there was no early arrest made turned it from what might have been a local crime story into a national issue, even president obama, about a month after the killing, was asked about it at the white house. listen. >> if i had a son heed look lick -- he'd look like trayvon. i think they are right to expect that all of us, as americans, are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves and we're going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. >> but this was also political primary season, and republicans were forced to weigh in, too. listen to this,. >> the fact that law enforcement didn't immediately go after and prosecute this case is another chilling example of horrible decisions made by people. >> entirely appropriate fo
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